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We specialize in digital solutions, from Windows to Server, and Mobile Apps to plugins for Visual Neo Windows and WordPress.

We have a team of professionals that are capable of handling all of your application needs, entirely under one roof.  This ensures that there are no communication problems between talents and that every step of your project is a smooth process.  And this comes with the benefit of saving you money, compared to hiring a number of different services to cover each part of your process.

Some of our Plugins

On The Edge

This is a fully featured, easy to use self contained Edge browser stacked with features. Many more features are on the way.


This plugin enables you to communicate with different applications Send Texts, PlayActions, Call Subroutines.


WinTricks allows to change setting of external window(s).



This plugin helps you enhance the ability of your application by adding HotKey Gadget, DropDown, ListBox, SmartEdit, CheckListBox, RadioListBox, FileDragDrop, TrackBar/ VolumeSlider and customized dialogues with much more enhanced features.

To See More of Our Plugins

Our Services

While we list examples of things we do, where we really shine is in solving your specific need with digital projects that aren't in any catalog.  Just explain to us what you're trying to accomplish, and let us do the rest.

This area will be used to outline all the services offered. From this list, will be linked the pages that go into each item in greater detail. These are notes for our dev team 😉 As this site is not nearly done yet 😉

Can YOUR business benefit from a Mobile App?

Not ALL businesses can use a Mobile App

Mobile Apps lend themselves very well for certain types of businesses, but not all businesses can benefit from their use.  To learn what kinds of businesses can get the most from mobile apps, let us offer you some insight