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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a digital development company that works in a diverse array of technologies.  As such we offer both, custom services, as well as a host of products over varied demographics.  We have products planned for the NeoBook/Visual Neo Web platform, Windows tools and applications and perhaps WordPress.

If you have need for development services of any kind, server or client based, please do contact us.  Likely we can save you money on your project.  But also we have talents for ALL platforms and depending on your project needs, it may benefit you that we are versed in many platforms and technologies.

We are a Custom Applications Development service, and of course that includes Web design.  While we can offer simple WordPress sites (such as this one), we mostly build custom solutions for business that requires that.  But we are priced affordably and within reach of most startups.  


Web sites can be built to actually DO things.  Classifieds, forums, custom online databases that can be used by a remote team, real time calculations, and on and on.  Possibilities are literally endless. 

If you are thinking about building an on line service that may require more than a brochure web site, this is our expertise.  We don’t charge for quotes or to answer questions.  Please feel free to contact us.  

We just got started. This web site is brand new as of Oct, 2021.  It will be growing as we do.

We accept ideas regarding developement projects, and especially regarding Visual Neo Windows plugins.  If you have a neat concept, let us know.  If we get enough of the same request, we just might tackle it.