Works on Windows 10 (1703) onwards:


Make your application compatible to any DPI scaling by just click of one button.

Many people use 110% to 125% scaling. However, some UHD users use Windows scaling up to 250%.

It is important that your Neo app automatically adjusts to the user’s Windows scaling. If it doesn’t, the text, labels, and buttons in your app will typically display “blurry”.


Although VisualNeo is an invaluable program for many non-programmers, it has no support for DPI-Awareness. Nor the program itself, nor the applications you compile with it. Due to certain programming restrictions DPI-Awareness support in VisualNeo is not to be expected anytime soon either.


This is where the zmwDPIAware plug-in comes in. Just add the zmwRenderAppDpiAware action to the startup event of your application and the magic happens when you compile it. All the elements in your application will display razor-sharp on any Windows scaling setting!

zmwDPIAware Snapshots.